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Funny Trophies

These funny trophies will bring big laughs at your next staff meeting or employee recognition ceremony. They each have multiple meanings, making them perfect for any employee, office party, organization, workplace or type of business.

NOTE: We no longer sell these trophies. For immediate delivery, download our Funny Certificates

Best Acting Award Trophy

Best Acting Award Trophy

For... most dramatic; best at acting like they are working; being ready to go when someone yells "action"; always willing to follow direction... See this funny acting trophy

Biggest Baby Award Trophy

Biggest Baby Award Trophy

For... needing the most pampering; rookie of the year; always crying about something; best newcomer; fastest learner; most growth... See this funny baby trophy

Bull Rider Award Trophy

Bull Rider Award Trophy

For... riding out the bull; hanging in there; smoothly handling tough situations; never getting thrown off; bucking the trends; staying on top of things... See this funny rodeo trophy

Ace in the Hole Award Trophy

Ace in the Hole Award Trophy

For... biggest gambler; best poker face; biggest risk taker; always having a trick up their sleeve; bank rolling the whole operation; always willing to up the ante... See this funny poker trophy

Funny Microphone Award Trophy

Golden Microphone Award Trophy

For... most long-winded; never knowing when to shut up; biggest gossip; loudest; best speeches; most eloquent; always extending meetings... See this funny microphone trophy

Master Magician Award Trophy

Master Magician Award Trophy

For... always disappearing when you need them; ability to escape from any bind; can make something out of nothing; full of smoke... See this funny magic trophy

Smoothest Moves Award Trophy

Smoothest Moves Award Trophy

For... always dancing around the issues; smoothest under pressure; sweeps everyone of their feet; best partner; always being on their toes; most charming... See this funny dancing trophy

Golden Turkey Award 

Golden Turkey Award Trophy

For... worst idea; always in a spirit of Thanksgiving; gobbling up (sales, funds, office supplies, etc); most in need of a Presidential pardon... See this funny company trophy

Rear End Award 

Rear End Award Trophy

For... always showing your backside; working your a** off (hardest worker); backing out of (tight spots, tough situations, deadlines, etc); when you're in the lead, this is what everyone sees... See this gag trophy

Big Kahuna Award 

Big Kahuna Award Trophy

For... excellence in surfing the Internet; bringing in a tidal wave of (sales, clients, new business, etc); riding out the waves; rising to the top... See this office trophy

Hunting Award 

Top Dog Award Trophy

For... always barking up the wrong tree; always on the hunt for new (business, clients, sales, etc); sniffing out new opportunities; keeping their ears to the ground; bark worse than bite; most faithful; company's best friend; client's best friend; always chasing their tail / running around in circles... See this employee trophy

Burning Rubber Award 

Burning Rubber Award Trophy

For... racing out of work the fastest; racing into work the fastest; speeding past the competition; fastest completion of projects; longest commute... See this funny corporate trophy

Public Speaking Award 

Hot Air Award Trophy

For... most long winded; most talkative; most eloquent; best speeches; best use of PowerPoint... See this funny corporate award

Matador Award 

El Matador Award Trophy

For... cutting through all the bull; dodging the bull; riding out the bull; smoothly handling angry customers; grace under pressure... See this fun trophy

Funny Golf Trophy 

Duffer Award Trophy

For... more play time than work time; more time on the golf course than at work; being off par; being on par; needing the most do overs; finally getting us in the green... See this funny golf trophy

Fishing Trophy 

Big Mouth Bass Award Trophy

For... biggest gossip; most talkative; swimming upstream; stinking up the joint; always angling for new business; hooking the biggest new client... See this funny staff award

Figure Eight Award 

Figure Eight Award Trophy

For... skating around the issues; always being on thin ice; grace under pressure... See this funny trophy

Deer in the Headlights Award 

Deer in the Headlights Award Trophy

For... the most confused; rookie of the year; always passing the buck... See this gag award