FREE Funny Sports Awards

Free Award Ideas for basketball, golf, soccer, softball, baseball, or football awards banquets.

Sports analogies make great award ideas. A good student is a "champ". A big move at the office is a "home run". Someone who works hard is "going the extra mile". Using these metaphors, you can create your own funny sports awards.

It's that easy. Get these free funny sports awards while you can!

Funny Basketball Awards

Funny Basketball Award 

Point Guard Award for Running with the Ball
Download Funny Basketball Awards Certificate [PDF]

Funny Golf Awards

Funny Golf Award

Wormburner Award for Tearing up the Fairway
Download Funny Golf Awards Certificate [PDF]

Keep in mind that funny sports awards don't have to be directly related to swimming, hockey, basketball, cheerleading, golf, volleyball, softball or to any sport at all. Don't get hung up on puns. Instead, think about the characteristic of the award recipient. Here are a few ideas from this site that work:

These aren't necessarily sports-related, but they can work with a little creativity. And hey, they're FREE!

Here are some additional free sports awards ideas:

Here are some Funny Wrestling Awards:

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Find free printable funny sports awards and sample sports certificates for your next team awards ceremony. Download free sports awards and tell your friends about our funny sports award ideas, certificates, titles, templates, and categories!

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