Office Party Games

Liven up your next meeting with these office party games! Choose from simple office party games to elaborate awards programs. These office games are perfect for small meetings, larger office parties, Christmas parties, Holiday events, and any office meeting that needs more fun!

Office Meeting Game

Funny Employee Awards™ - Simple Version

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

This simple version is quick and easy to do with minimal preparation. It can take place with just a few employees gathered in the conference room, or with a larger group.

"Who is the one person in the office who is always running late to meetings?" [Wait for response]

"All right, it looks like our winner is Bob! Bob, you get the Heinz Ketchup Award for excellence in making others wait!"

To make this version as simple as possible, don't spend too much preparation time thinking about the winners. Just print out some of the funny awards and let the laughs come freely and naturally.

Office Party Game

Funny Employee Awards - Longer Version

Preparation time: 1-2 hours

This version can be drawn out over a week or two so that everyone will be talking and looking forward to the awards ceremony!

This more detailed version will really get people talking about the awards show! If you’re worried at all that your award may embarrass the winner, you can always tip that person off ahead of time. You might think that would ruin the presentation. But remember: the idea is to create an entertaining presentation for the entire audience – not just to surprise one person. Telling the winner ahead of time will allow that person to voice any objections, and will give them time to prepare a funny speech if they choose to do so. Everyone else will still be surprised and entertained when the award winner is announced, and you won’t have to worry about any potential awkward moments!

To really make the awards ceremony exciting, hire a professional comedian to host an awards program.

More Office Party Ideas

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Additional Free Office Party Award Ideas

Spammie Award

Download Free Office Party Award (webpage)

Blogger Award

Download Free Office Party Award (PDF)

Facebook Award

Download Free Office Party Award (PDF)

Twitter Award

Download Free Office Party Award (PDF)

YouTube Award

Download Free Office Party Award (PDF)

Want More? Download 101 Funny Office Awards™

Funny Office Awards Certificates

101 Funny Certificates for Office Workers. Similar to “101 Funny Employee Award”, but specifically for those who toil away in cubicles and offices. Computers, software, break rooms, desks, office gossip — it’s all covered.

Featured Awards: One More Thing Award™, Big Kahuna Award, Social Not-Working Award™, Casual Monday-Friday Award™, Border Patrol Award™, Stop Shouting Award™, ATM Fee Award™, I'll Pencil You In Award™, Bermuda Triangle Award™, Office Quarterback Award™, Swarm of Locusts Award™.

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