Fun Awards for Employees
Funny Employee Awards™ Certificates

101 Funny Certificates for Employees, Volunteers, and Staff. The original that started it all! Now in its 4th edition, these awards have brought laughs around the Globe. Appropriate for any organization or type of business.

Featured Awards: Duct Tape Award™, Human Vulture Award™, Swiss Army Knife Award™, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Award™, Loch Ness Award™, Head in the Sand Award™, Running with the Bulls Award™, Hump Day Award™, Foot-in-Mouth Award™, Rookie of the Year, Employee of the Month.

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Fun Awards for Employees
Funny Office Awards™ Certificates

101 Funny Certificates for Office Workers. Similar to “101 Funny Employee Award”, but specifically for those who toil away in cubicles and offices. Computers, software, break rooms, desks, office gossip — it’s all covered.

Featured Awards: One More Thing Award™, Big Kahuna Award, Social Not-Working Award™, Casual Monday-Friday Award™, Border Patrol Award™, Stop Shouting Award™, ATM Fee Award™, I'll Pencil You In Award™, Bermuda Triangle Award™, Office Quarterback Award™, Swarm of Locusts Award™.

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Fun Awards for Employees
Funny Teacher Awards™

101 Funny Certificates for Teachers, Faculty and Staff. Simply put, these awards are good-natured fun. Show teachers you appreciate their hard work, long hours, and tidy classrooms.

Featured Awards: 99% Perspiration Award™, Head Cheerleader Award™, P's & Q's Award™, Abacus Award™, Night Owl Award™, Carpe Diem Award™, Single File Award™, Hall Monitor Award™, Bunsen Burner Award™, Carbon Dating Award™, Paperclip Award™, Overhead Projector Award™, Stonehenge Award™, Teacher of the Year.

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Fun Awards for Employees
Funny Award Certificates

101 Funny Certificates for Family, Friends and Teammates. This collection has a little bit of everything. The emphasis on friends, family and teammates, makes them perfect for school superlatives, family reunions, and sports team banquets.

Featured Awards: Txtng Award™, Let Me Tell You Award™, Back in the Day Award™, Peacocking Award™, Cheap Watch Award™, Fourth and Long Award™, Champagne Award™, Grandma's Dumplings Award™, A.D.D Award™, Brown Envelope Award™.

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Ultimate Awards Bundle
Ultimate Awards Bundle

Buy All Four and SAVE BIG! Over 400 Funny Award Certificates plus over 25 Unique Award Templates in one convienent, cost-saving bundle!

Templates include: Appreciation, Excellence, Leadership, Recognition, Teamwork, Achievement, Outstanding, Rock Star, Participation, Acknowledgement, Thank You, World's Best, Congratulations, Great Job, Way to Go, You're the Best, Awesome, Superstar, and more.

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